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A lot has happened since the last (18-09-07) release notes! I will try to give an overview below.

Meanwhile the following JCP paper has been recently accepted for publication:

S. Popinet - An accurate adaptive solver for surface-tension-driven interfacial flows

Journal of Computational Physics , 2009

See also the updated bibliography for other recent publications.


Major improvements include:

  • Moving solid boundaries: this is an initial release, more will follow.
  • New axisymmetric version.
  • New non-linear shallow-water solver.
  • The reference dimension of the GfsBox can be set.
  • "2D3" ocean model has been replaced with a generalised 3D ocean code.
  • New Map module for cartographic projections.
  • New Terrain module for large height-field databases.
  • New Tide module for FES2004 tidal atlas database.
  • Major improvements to the VOF and surface tension code (as described in the JCP paper above).
  • New Cook Strait tides example.
  • New ship wave example.
  • New object GfsOutputDropletSums for VOF droplets statistics.
  • Vim dictionary and utilities.
  • Overall improvements to code portability (including Mac OSX).
  • Improvements to the Poisson and Crank-Nicholson diffusion coupling.
  • Both GfsRefineSolid and GfsRefineSurface now work with implicit surfaces.
  • Examples and tests are automatically cross-linked with the syntax reference.
  • Numerous bug fixes.

Have a look at the changelog for details.


  • In 2D Linear and Isoline objects can display 3D surfaces. See an example here.
  • New "Append" mode for gfsview-batch: This allows for example a single instance of gfsview-batch to generate several movies through named unix pipes.
  • Fix for crash when computing isosurface for "marginal" values.
  • Other bug fixes.

Have a look at the changelog for details.