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Of course the most notable change is this new wiki web site. This will facilitate maintaining the documentation up-to-date and I hope it will encourage more people to contribute to the documentation. Feel free to edit the site! (please try to make sure you login before making substantial changes).

As part of this web site update, the installation instructions previously contained in the tutorial have been moved to the wiki.

Another big change is that I have dropped the concept of a stable version entirely. The snapshot versions were in most cases more stable than the "stable" version anyway. Also, the process of actually releasing a stable version was painful, whereas the snapshot release creation process is entirely automated. Finally, the multiplicity of versions proved confusing to users.

Otherwise the code has been much improved since the last stable release (0.9.2).


Major improvements include:

Together with a number of bug fixes including:

  • Several fixes for Mac OSX
  • New implementation of periodic boundary conditions (fixes bug when using solid boundaries overlapping the periodic boundary)

Have a look at the changelog for details.


  • Symmetry planes can be added
  • Display of VOF-reconstructed facets
  • New "cut plane" object (only cuts VOF surfaces at this stage)
  • Batch-mode can be compiled on its own on systems with no graphic libraries/displays
  • Improved display of solid boundaries defined using large GTS files
  • Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) export
  • Compiles on Mac OSX
  • Numerous bug fixes

Have a look at the changelog for details.