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11.4  PASS: Gravity waves in a realistic ocean basin

Stéphane Popinet
gerris3D nz.gfs
Required files
nz.gfs (view) (download)
nz.gfs bath.gts
Running time
4 minutes 6 seconds

A tilted ocean surface is initialised in a realistic basin (the Cook strait area in New Zealand). The surface oscillates sending complex gravity waves reflecting off the coast and bathymetry (Figure 137). No explicit dissipation is added and Figure 138 illustrates the good conservation of the total energy.

This is a good test of the robustness of the method when dealing with adaptively refined complex bathymetry.

The robustness is controlled essentially by the way face-centred velocity values are computed from cell-centred values.

Figure 137: Surface height at t = 2.

Figure 138: Evolution of the kinetic energy.

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