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3.3  Atomisation of a pulsed liquid jet

Stéphane Popinet
Required files
atomisation.gfs (view) (download) jet.gfv back.gfv
Running time
2 days on 4 processors

A dense cylindrical liquid jet is injected into a stagnant lighter phase (density ratio 1/27.84). The inflow velocity is modulated sinusoidally to promote the growth of primary shear instabilities. Surface tension is included and ultimately controls the characteristic scale of the smallest droplets.

Animations 19 and 20 illustrate the atomisation process from two different view points.

Figure 19: Atomisation of a pulsed liquid jet.

Figure 20: Atomisation of a pulsed liquid jet.

The simulation and visualisation are computed in parallel on 4 processors. Dynamic load-balancing is used to distribute the charge between the processors (Figure 21).

Figure 21: Number of cells per processor as a function of time illustrating the effect of dynamic load-balancing.

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