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12.3  PASS: Tsunami runup onto a plane beach

Stéphane Popinet
Required files
shore.gfs (view) (download) init.cgd t160.csv t175.csv t220.csv convergence.ref
Running time
13 minutes 13 seconds

This test case is the first benchmark problem of "The Third International Workshop on Long-Wave Runup Models". A solitary wave runs up a plane inclined beach. Reference solutions are provided by the initial-value-problem (IVP) technique introduced by Carrier et al [10].

Figure 151 illustrates the topography and wave profiles at t=160, 175 and 220 seconds. Figure 152 gives the convergence in wave elevation error with spatial resolution.

Figure 151: Topography, analytical (lines) and numerical (symbols) wave profiles for the times indicated in the legend. The numerical results are for a maximum spatial resolution of ≈ 3.6 metres.

Figure 152: Convergence of the average and maximum errors with spatial resolution. The errors are for the predicted wave profile at t=220 sec.

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